École Cathédrale offers a daily Milk Program, a weekly Hot Lunch Program on Thursdays and a monthly Hot Dog Day on Wednesdays to its students through the joint efforts of members of the School Council and the staff. These programs are fully conformant with the Ministry and Board guidelines for food served in schools. Parents wishing to participate in these programs are requested to place their orders on-line at the beginning of each term and to pay for it at the same time, to ensure a smoothly running program. Click HERE for the on-line order form.


MILK is Available at the school each day and is distributed to each classroom beginning Sept. 8 and ending Dec. 19 in the Fall Term. Milk is available in 250 ml servings of either 2% white milk or chocolate milk. Milk orders include every day of the term and parents may select one of three sequences offered; (a) Chocolate milk every school day; (b) White milk every school day; (c) Alternating days of chocolate and white milk. The cost for the Fall Term for students in all levels is $53.00. On the order page select the appropriate choice for your child's tastes.


HOT LUNCH is available at the school on Thursdays, starting on Sept. 11 and ending on Dec. 18 for the Fall Term. The menu offered is either cheese pizza or chicken pitas. To order Hot Lunch, complete the form, as indicated, clicking on the circles corresponding to the meals required. To delete an entry, check the corresponding X column. Click on the in the form for more information on each entry. Hot Lunch is priced at $3.00 per serving of pizza and $4.00 for each serving of chicken pita.


Note that when completing the order, enter in the "number of servings" box the TOTAL number of servings ordered, counting 1 for each single serving by checking the 1 column and 2 for each double serving ordered by checking the 2 column. An incorrect entry may cause the order to be delayed for adjustment. After totaling and checking the order, click on the "Confirm" box.


 HOT DOG DAYS are held on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning on Sept.17 . "All-beef" hot dogs on buns are served along with the customary condiments for them. One or two hot dogs per student may be ordered by clicking on the circles for the quantity and days desired, similarly to the Hot Lunch procedure described above. Hot dogs cost $2.00 each.


To COMPLETE THE ORDER enter your contact information and click on CONTINUE to go to the payment screen, where you may effect payment either by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discovery) or PayPal, through the PayPal portal or by cheque or cash payment to be delivered to the school office. Click on the PayPal icon to access the PayPal payment portal (a PayPal account is not required for credit card payments). Cheque or cash payments should be made to École Catholique Cathédrale and include the order reference number sent by the system. Payments must be delivered to the School Office on, or before Sept. 5 for your order to be effective in the first week of the program..


Once payment is effected, click on Return to the School Council website, where you will find the confirmation page. You will also receive an e-mail containing the details of your order, that should be saved for reference


If you are unable to use the on-line order form, a printable version is available HERE. Print it, complete the required information and return it to the school office with your payment in cash or cheque (payable to Ecole Cathedrale).  The forms are also available on request at the School Office. The completed form and payments must be delivered to the School Office on, or before Sep. 5 for your order to be effective in the first week of the program..