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The School Council of École Catholique Cathédrale, Kingston

School Council Meetings

Meetings of the School Council are held the third Wednesday of each month of the school year at 7.00PM in the Learning Commons of the school. All interested parents/guardians are invited to attend. Meetings this Fall are October 18, November 15 and Dec. 20.

The School Council

The School Council is a consultative body, formed from concerned parent volunteers and working with the school through the Principal. Its meetings are open to all parents of children attending École Catholique Cathédrale and are held regularly regularly throughout the school year. The Council's activities include the development of advice concerning issues brought before it, the support of school activities through its fund-raising efforts and the promotion of parent participation in the school events.

Members of the School Council 2017-2018

Chair: Tiffany Emery

Vice Chair: Katie Layman

Treasurer: Christine Ferguson

Secretary: Nadia Gundert

Goodwill: Wendy McAdoo

Webmaster: Ken Davies

Lunch Program Coordinators: Ken Davies, Sean Kelly

Hot Dog Day Coordinator: Nadia Gundert

Breakfast Club Coordinator: Scott Benn

Lunch Programs at École Cathédrale

École Cathédrale has a number of lunch programs available, offering milk and hot meals to the students on a regular basis. Click on LUNCHES in the adjacent menu for the details and ordering information. There is also a Breakfast program that daily offers a light, pre-school breakfast to ensure that all students at ECC start their day on the right foot. If you could help with any of these programs contact the chair of the School Council or the School Secretary. 

School Council Fundraising 2017-2018

The School Council undertakes a number of fundraising activities in support of the school each year. This year two programs are in progress to support the work of the School Council in enhancements to the school activities. Give them your support. For details click HERE

Parents of children attending École Catholique Cathédrale are invited to participate in the important work of the School Council. Come to the next meeting of this school year at 7.00PM at the school. There are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute that "something special" to our school and its students.


The Constitution of the School Council may be found HERE